The Team

Gary Newberry – Owner/CEO

Gary Newberry is the man behind the business. Gary is an expert angler who has a passion for fishing, which is why he put up the company in the first place. With decades of experience in fishing and a strong passion for the sea, he was able to open up his own charter business in California. Nothing makes Gary happier than seeing people around him enjoy catching fish.

Carlos Gibbon – Deck Master

Carlos Gibbon is our very own Deck Master. He joined the team in 2013 and became one of the most valuable assets to the business. He is an expert angler as well as the deckhand with much experience working on decks and other charter boats. With this experience, Carlos was able to become a Deck Master and also one of the most knowledgeable members of the team.

Frank Hall – Guide

Also joining the team in the year 2013, Frank Hall became one of the most experienced guides on our team. He is an expert fisherman and is the one who usually teaches the customers and other team members all of his unique and innovative fishing techniques. He is friendly, very accommodating, and also knowledgeable, which makes him the perfect guide for AquaTerre Charters.

Zandra Newberry – Administration & Marketing

Zandra is Gary’s wife and also the one in charge of the admin work and marketing activities. She is the one who handles the back office of the business and the one who does the day to day operations, recording, and monitoring. She is also the one who comes up with the plans on how to market the business and comes up with promotional strategies. Overall, she handles how the office operates and is the one controlling all the business’ finances.

Dan Jacobs – Deck Master/Guide

Our other deck master, Dan Jacobs, is also one of the two guides in the team. He joined in the year 2014 but quickly became an indispensable part of the team with his vast experience in fishing and handling a boat. He aids both Hall and Gibbons in deck handling and being a guide respectively. He assists them in their tasks and helps them get things accomplished.

RJ Rosales – Videographer

RJ is our resident videographer and is the one who is in charge of documenting the trips of the clients via video. He is not only an expert in video camera angles and camera handling, but he is also an expert video editor as well. After he shoots a video of a client’s trip, he will then edit the video in order to make a really nice output that the clients always love.