“My trip with AquaTerre Charters was simply amazing! I am a real beginner in fishing, as in it was literally my first time to even hold a fishing rod! However, my fishing guide helped me all the way! He made sure that he answered all of my questions regarding fishing and how to use a rod. It was so much fun! I can say that the people who attended to me were very helpful and really made sure that I learned how to fish. Because of that, I really enjoyed my trip. I’ll be sure to come back to them on my next trip.”

– Leroy T. McHaney


“I went on my first fishing trip with my family, and we chose AquaTerre Charters to guide us at sea. At first, I felt really awkward holding the fishing rod because I didn’t know if I was holding it right. Good thing an expert guide was there to help me out. He taught me how to properly hold the rod and cast the line. The best part about the trip was that it was all recorded. A videographer was documenting the whole trip, and we got a copy of the video. All in all, it was my first and best fishing experience. I’m definitely coming back.”

– Edward A. Shutt


“This was my first trip with AquaTerre Charters. I am quite an experienced angler and have tried a lot of other charter businesses, but I found AquaTerre the best. In terms of service, their staff is very accommodating and friendly. They won’t hesitate to help you out with any concern you have. I would recommend this business to any fisherman who wants a good trip, whether a beginner or an experienced one.”

– Carl J. Webb


“I always use AquaTerre Charters when I go on fishing trips. The service here is plain fantastic! I also love the way they video your entire experience and give you a copy of the video each time you catch a fish. Overall, I would rate this charters a five over five.”

– James Peters


“After the first time I tried AquaTerre Charters, I was already hooked to their service. Not only were the guides very friendly, they were also really knowledgeable. They knew exactly what they were doing! They could also teach us some fishing techniques really well. There was also a videographer on board who documented the whole thing which was just fabulous.”

– Gail Bond