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Fishing Tips For All Seasons

There is no such thing as a bad season for fishing. You just need the right technique for fishing in a particular season.


Fall is one of the best seasons to fish. In this season, fish get ready for the long, cold winter. As fishermen say, they “put on the feed bag”. Just like what ants usually do, they horde food for the coming winter. Fish don’t like to move around and find food once the water gets cold.

Fall Fishing tips:

1. Use slower lures and flasher draw when fishing during fall.
2. Use swim baits, jerk baits, and other realistic imitations to attract more fish.
3. Hold the fish with bucktail jigs.
4. Follow the birds to know where to find pods of fish.
5. Make sure you have your fishing rod case handy when manuvuring through the wild and rocky terrain.


All waters may seem to be in ice and snow during this season, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to catch a fish or two. Because of the cold season, fishes will move deeper, where the waters have not cooled down as much as in the shallows yet, but with the right techniques, you’ll have pretty good time fishing.
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